Hurstbridge Sow & Grow Garden Club

November 7, 2023 @ 19:15 – 21:15
Hurstbridge Community Hub
50 Graysharps Road
Hurstbridge VIC 3099
Sandra Verdam
0437 352378

First Tuesday of every month except for January.

2024 Speakers and topics
Feb: Ben Moore on bees in our gardens.
Mar: Helen Lovel on soil improvement.
Apr: Members Q&A.
May: Betsy-Sue Clarke on gardens from the heart.
Jun: Ros Houston on forest cactus.
Jul: Julie Temple on garden technology.
Aug: Jeff White on ecological psychology and deep nature connection. Also, the AGM
Sep: Garden Express on summer flowering bulbs.
Oct: Jenny Lau on local birds.
Nov: Jenny Hedley on propagating native plants.
Dec: Sandra Verdam and Julie Temple on growing microgreens.

2023 Speakers and topics
Feb: Jane Tonkin on winter and spring bulbs.
Mar: Barbara and Dee on preserving the harvest.
Apr: Fiona and Rown Williams on West Australia wildflowers.
May: Emma Powell on a winning garden design.
Jun: Jenny Lau on local birds.
Jul: Matt Barnes on living soil and biochar.
Aug: Rod Heather on growing and grafting fruit trees.
Sep: Charlotte Harrison on indoor plants.
Oct: Miriam Ford on prostantheras.
Nov: Fiona Williams on pelargonium and geranium swap night.
Dec: Christmas themed evening.

2022 Speakers and topics
Feb: Ben Waite & Barbara Marshall on summer pruning & espalier.
Mar: Robert Dobson on streptocarpus and hosta.
Apr: Jane Tonkin on bulbs.
May: John Harris on Eltham copper butterfly.
Jun: Ravi Sommerhalder on sharpening garden tools.
Jul: Chris Scrase on fuchsias.
Aug: Dusty on rock walls in landscaing & AGM.
Sep: Paul Kirkpatrick on tools for sale.
Oct: Penny Woodward on pest repellent plants, herbs & other organic solutions.
Nov: Flowering plant and veggie seedling swap night.
Dec: Jennifer Sheridan on Christmas wreaths.

2021 Speakers and topics
May: opening your garden/fruit trees and espalier.
Jun: pest repellent herbs and other organic solutions- Penny Woodward.
Jul: garden craft e.g. stone painting – labels, animals.
Aug: AGM and fuchsias – Chris Scrase.
Sep: tomatoes – Penny Woodward.
Oct: inspiring gardens visited.
Nov: seeds, in house/hands on.
Dec: a plant delicious Christmas.

2020 Speakers and topics
4 Feb: Fiona Williams on irises and scented pelagonia.
3 Mar: Robert Boyle on landscape design.
7 Apr: Al & Hazelk Veevers on patterns in nature.
5 May: Travel gardens.
2 Jun: Angelo Eliades on pruning fruit trees – espalier.
7 Jul: Sandi Kogtevs on making scarecrows.
4 Aug: Chris Scrase on fuchsias; AGM.
1 Sep: Penny Woodward on tomatoes.
6 Oct: Sarah Watson on clematis and flowering climbers.
3 Nov: Hands on – sowing, maintenance, potting on.
1 Dec: Helen Lovel on neutrog and biological fertilisers.

2019 Speakers and topics
5 Feb: John Ferris on edible landscapes.
5 Mar: Kathleen Tants on wees and weed control.
2 Apr: Brendan Curtis on zoo horticulture.
7 May: Paul Gale-Baker on wicking beds.
4 Jun: Caleb Armstrong on pharmaceutical herbs.
2 Jul: Lyndall Shaw on proteas and flower arranging.
6 Aug: Barbara Marshal on colour theory and colour combinations in planting; AGM.
3 Sep: Kevin Ritchie on unusual hanging baskets.
1 Oct: Norm Gerraty on growing begonias.
5 Nov: Sandra Verdam on bee-related hands-on activity.
3 Dec: Garden Club on a succulent Christmas.

2018 Speakers and topics
6 Feb: Lydia Heap on re-creating Indigenous Panton Hill; Julie Temple on growing yam daisies.
6 Mar: Michael Tanner on soils – pH and restoration.
3 Apr: Paul Kirkpatrick on potagers – plus specialised tools.
1 May: Robyn Harris on African violets – care and propagation.
5 Jun: John and Joy Quinn on bulbs.
3 Jul: Titch – Flemings on bare-rooted trees.
7 Aug: Steven Wells on therapeutic gardens; AGM.
4 Sep: Hazel and Al Veevers on birds in the native garden.
2 Oct: Cade on beer – from hop seeds to drink.
6 Nov: Pat Anderson facilitating a tomato veggie herb swap.
4 Dec: Mitre 10 Diamond Creek on new garden products.

2017 Speakers and topics
7 Feb: Rachel Bishop on worm farming; Chloe Thomson on the organic products that OCP have on the market.
7 Mar: Bob Yeoman on growing dahlias from seed.
4 Apr: Ryan Young on habitat gardening.
2 May: Attila Kapitany on succulents.
6 Jun: Vaughn Greenhill on landscape design – working with nature.
4 Jul: Pete the Permie on berry fruits.
1 Aug: Jan Morris on protective garden accessories.
5 Sep: Maria Ciavarella on thrifty gardening.
3 Oct: David Redfern on natives grown at Cranbourne – suited to our local area.
7 Nov: Arja Toivanen on taking cuttings (hands-on propagation workshop).
5 Dec: Mark Ludlow on bonsai; Christmas party.

2016 Speakers and topics
2 Feb: Lydia Heap on frolicking frogs.
1 Mar: Ryan Young on healthy soils.
5 Apr: Sue Evans on healing herbs of the 1st Fleet.
3 May: Ian Culbard on permaculture design and practice.
7 Jun: Cheryl on miniature landscaping with succulents.
5 Jul: speaker from the Clivea Society on clivea clues.
2 Aug: short talks from local speakers; AGM and 11th anniversary.
6 Sep: Bill Aitchison on acacias for the home garden.
4 Oct: Maria Ciavarella on gardening on a shoestring.
1 Nov: pelargonium and geranium show’n’share.
6 Dec: Melissa Thomas on garden art; Christmas party.

2015 Speakers and topics
3 Feb: Peter Miller on mounting plants on boards.
3 Mar: Ken Walker on native & exotic bees.
7 Apr: Sue Aldred on native plants: why & how.
5 May: Maurice Kellet on bromeliads.
2 Jun: Loretta Childs on an iconic local garden.
7 Jul: Local speakers on learning From gardening mistakes.
4 Aug: Greg Bolderson on underground treasures / rare bulbs.
1 Sep: Geoff Crowhurst on a search for old roses around Victoria’s cemeteries.
6 Oct: Doris Pozzi on Nature’s supermarket.
3 Nov: Richard Lee on growing & using Asian greens.
1 Dec: Fun night with trivia games, DVDs & Christmas party.