No coconut Thai

December 11, 2022 @ 10:00 – 14:00
Under the Pickle Tree
27 Blue House Rd
Panton Hill VIC 3759
$160 ($40 per hour)
Kelly Meredith
0418 534511

Presenter: Kelly Meredith from Under The Pickle Tree. This menu will introduce you to the flavours of northern Thai food. On the menu will be: grabong (northern Thai pumpkin fritters with karchai, a rhizome with a flavour not unlike saffron); khao lao (crispy rice ball salad with an Asian mushroom medley and nam jinn dressing); gaeng som bplaa (sour orange fish curry with fresh peppercorn and bamboo); and nam prik noom (green chilli and coriander dip served with vegetables and sticky rice). You will learn: how to make roasted rice powder essential for nam jinn sauce; how to make a curry paste from scratch; how to cook perfect sticky rice; and how to balance sweet salty, sour flavours essential for Thai cooking.