Three ways with red curry paste

October 22, 2023 @ 10:30 – 15:00
Under the Pickle Tree
27 Blue House Rd
Panton Hill VIC 3759
$190 ($42 per hour)
Kelly Meredith
0418 534511

You will make your own red curry paste from scratch, then use it to cook three very distinct dishes: as a stir fry to make a dry Choo Chee fish curry (pumpkin for vegetarian substitution); without dry spices to make a sour orange curry using fresh fish, bamboo, snake beans and tomatoes; and with dry spices, coconut cream and ground cashews to make the creamy Gaeng Paenang curry made with your choice of chicken or traditional pork.

Skills learned will include how to use a traditional mortar and pestle, the use of stock for deglazing, how to dry roast and grind your own spices and how to use a wok.

At the end, team your lunch with a fresh Asian salad and rice, a local wine and beer and enjoy a shared feast. Go home with your own curry paste.

Presenter: Kelly Meredith from Under The Pickle Tree.