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Hurstbridge IGA X-press
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Local brands sold: Shaws Road Winery
Township/Suburb: Hurstbridge
Kangaroo Ground General Store
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Local brands sold: Warrandyte Local Honey
Township/Suburb: Kangaroo Ground
Natural Food Market
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Certified Organic
Local brands sold: AVS Organic Foods
Township/Suburb: Montmorency
Notes (in their own words):

The Natural Food Market sells healthy foods, with a focus on whole foods. Produce is sourced as locally as possible, with a focus on seasonality and freshness. They stock both organically certified produce, as well as produce that follows the similar principles (including no preservatives, no added sugar, no numbers, ethically produced, and clear labelling of where it is grown or produced) but has not been certified.

The range of food includes: fresh, seasonal, organically certified fruit and vegetables; dried goods (pulses, wholegrains, seeds, nuts and dried fruits); various flours; teas & coffees, spreads & condiments; both gluten and gluten-free breads; and refrigerated cabinets full of dairy, tofu, meats & drinks (such as kombucha).

There are no plastic bags in the shop and customers are encouraged to bring their own containers. There is a boomerang bags dispenser for those who’ve forgotten to bring their own.

Nature’s Harvest Hurstbridge
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Local brands sold: Hildebrand Grove
Township/Suburb: Hurstbridge
Notes (in their own words):

Nature’s Harvest offers customers who have a preference to natural produce, a complete range of health food products and alternatives to conventional products found in everyday shopping outlets. It specialises in organic and biodynamic produce, grown in ways intended to protect wildlife and the environment. The store stocks a large range of products including organic and biodynamic meat & chicken, organic fruit and vegetables, flours, grains, nuts, local raw honey and freshly ground peanut butter, free of any oils, preservatives or contaminants. Local, free-range eggs, as well as a selection of yoghurts, cheese, tofu, dips, vitamins and health drinks, are also available for purchase. For those with specific dietary requirements, Nature’s Harvest also offers a wide selection of gluten and wheat free products including cereals, flours, sweets, biscuits and grains.

Organic Empire
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Certified Organic
Local outlets: Own shop
Home delivery
Local brands sold: Healthybake
A range of producers from across the Yarra Ranges.
Township/Suburb: Mt Evelyn
Notes (in their own words):

What separates the Organic Empire from the majority of other home delivery services is their unique farm to door service. They are committed to connecting communities with local farmers, artisans and food producers. Fresher foods, fair trade for farmers, better for the environment and better for your health. Their values centre on:

1. Sustainability: they only harvest and order what you order; they re-use their delivery boxes.

2. Local: much of their produce and groceries is sourced from local farmers and producers and both parties know each other.

3. Organic: most of their produce is either Certified Organic or Certified Biodynamic. Where not, it is still grown without any artificial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

4. Convenience: You can shop online 24 hours a day, at whatever time is easiest for you, or place an order to have a box delivered each week.

5. Community: they promote community by empowering people to eat well through healthy life giving recipes, teaching the skills of food production from their own farm and promoting health with education.

6. Price: their priority is to make organics accessible to all, delivering the highest quality organic produce at the best available price.

Organic Fix
Botanical Cuisine
Koala Honey
Natural Tucker Bakery
The Good Brew Co.
Township/Suburb: Eltham
Notes (in their own words):

Organic Fix sells nuts, seeds, grains, spices, fruit, vegetables, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and ethical beauty products. Most of these products (and all of the fruit and vegetables) are Certified Organic, with the remainder being where they have satisfied themselves that the products are equivalent.

Rivers of Yarrambat
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Local brands sold: A Local Baker St Andrews
Coldstream Brewery
Cunliffe & Waters
Township/Suburb: Yarrambat
Notes (in their own words):

The Rivers of Yarrambat garden centre includes both a cafe and a farm shop.

The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea every day, 8.30am-4pm. Bookings are recommended.

The shop, which is co-located with the cafe, sells an extensive range of local products.

Smiths Gully General Store
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Local brands sold: Under The Pickle Tree
Township/Suburb: Smiths Gully