Community garden

Diamond Creek, Planter Boxes in Chute Street
Diamond Creek
Notes (in their own words):

The produce from these planter boxes is freely available to any members of public who pass by.

There are 7 planter boxes in Chute Street (5 on the north side of the road and 2 on the south side) plus a further 2 around the corner in Inglis Street. Each of these is a wicking bed. They were established in 2014.

Doncaster Hill Community Garden
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is open to the public.

Set amongst the high rise of Doncaster Hill, this garden is an ‘open backyard’ where volunteers learn, play and appreciate growing local food. The emphasis is on collective fun, enjoying the space and coming together as a local community. Participants are rewarded with seed collections, skills workshops and food programs. There are no private plots. Most of the food grown is donated to local food banks and charities.

Regular working bees and skill development programs are run by Felicity Gordon. Join the Facebook group for dates and times.