La Villa Salumi
Pork sausages, bacon and smoked smallgoods
Kinglake Produce and Artisan Market
Yarra Glen Racecourse Market
Yarra Ranges
Notes (in their own words):

La Villa Salumi make pork sausages, bacon and smoked smallgoods which they sell at markets.

Sausages as they should be: pork, salt, spices and herbs. No preservatives, gluten, rice, rusk or filler. Herbs and spices are hand blended (no commercial mix here), and sausages are hand tied using natural casings. None of the meat has been frozen, allowing customers to freeze at home if they desire.

A sweeter, Canadian style of bacon: slow-cured with maple syrup and brown sugar, then double-smoked in-house. As this bacon is dry cured, it does not contain excess water weight, which means it provides consistent cooking and crisping. Available sliced to any thickness, as lardons, slabs or whole bellies.

Smoked American-style franks: made using the same quality pork as the sausages. Finely ground pork is blended with a hint of chilli and select (hand blended) herbs and spices, then smoked in-house to provide a smoky frank with a great snap.

Kielbasa (polish garlic sausage): a traditional Polish recipe forms the basis of this smoked garlic sausage which is ready to eat. A small amount of beef is incorporated with pork and fresh garlic, along with herbs and spices, hand tied into rings and smoked. The result is a distinct garlic flavour with good mouth feel.

Salsicce 3rd Generation
Pure pork sausages
Local outlets:
Boccaccio SUPA IGA, Balwyn
Piedimonte’s Supermarket & Liquor, Fitzroy North
Notes (in their own words):

Salsicce 3rd Generation are a third generation family who make pure pork sausages. They manufacture around 25 different flavours from regions all over the world. Their sausages are free of both preservatives and gluten, with no flour-based fillers. They source their pork from free range producers with a passion for quality and animal welfare sustainability.

They operate under a strict quality HACCP Assurance Program which is regularly audited by an independent third party certification body. This ensures adherence to regulatory requirements.

They have an online store on their website where the public can place orders. They also have a wholesale division that supplies the hospitality industry and supermarkets throughout Victoria.