The Cheese Rebels

The Cheese Rebels
The Cheese Rebels
Soft cheeses
Local outlets:
Own shop
St Andrews
Contact name:
Hajo Tanck
0400 853538
10 Scott Street, St Andrews, 3761
Notes (in their own words):

The Cheese Rebels both make cheese and sell cheese. Their shop is in St Andrews and their factory is in Epping.

The cheeses that they make include triple cream brie, triple cream blue, goat feta and blue vein.

They sell a full range of cheeses in their shop but it is only open on Saturdays. As well as the cheeses themselves, they also sell ready-to-eat cheese platters.

Hajo has a Masters degree in cheesemaking and has been making cheese since he was a child. He worked for a variety of small and larger cheese and dairy companies before setting up his own company in 2018.

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