Apr 182013

Local food-related events

Fresh produce and artisan market –at Two Beans and a Farm Restaurant – Carome Homestead – 10 Hathfelde Boulevarde, Mernda Sat 20th April 9-1pm 97170978. Showcasing locally grown and made produce and artisan arts and crafts.

Sat 20 April 2pm- 4pm The Ivanhoe Community Food Garden is hosting a permaculture workshop in the community garden. Angie O’Connor will explain the principles of permaculture and give a guided tour around the food forest to show and explain permaculture principles at work. Angie has a Grad. Dip. in Horticulture, a certificate in Permaculture Design and lots of experience growing food forests. The afternoon will conclude with afternoon tea and time for questions.  Entry by gold coin donation. The garden is located at the rear of No. 10 Tate Street in Ivanhoe, (at the back of Ivanhoe Primary School) and access is via a driveway between No. 10 and 12 Mel 31 E7.      Please RSVP your attendance to ivanhoe.foodgarden@gmail.com

A project for home. Meal planning: Incorporate at least 2 locally grown or produced foods into your family meals each week for one month. If you live near Hurstbridge, you can do this easily by visiting the Little Organic Shop, the Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market, St Andrews market, Nature’s Harvest (sometimes) and Heidi Honey. For the rest of us, at the moment, there is our own veg patch, or a local food swap each weekend. Just Picked fruit and veg are a little closer to Whittlesea (as is Two beans above) and apples are available at Apted’s  farm gate, Arthur’s Creek. At Donnybrook there is  cheese made from cows’ milk on the farm. Closer to Warrandyte there is Aumann’s Orchard and Petty’s Orchard in Templestowe. Then, of course, there are many producers just over the hills and in to the Yarra Valley.  While not particularly promoting any individual business at this stage, the list is more an awareness of where some of the small amount of local foods can presently be obtained. In the future a local food directory for consumers will be developed.

As LFC looks at a variety of local food projects, they probably can be put into at least 3 categories – growing, distributing and eating. In recent weeks I have been trying to enthuse some of you to take part in the local food system by participating in a project. Does one of the three areas above particularly interest you or fit with your own particular skills? Across the three are also management and training skills. Now is the time to put up your hand and join with other members of Local Food Connect  to collaborate and work on a small local food system. Send a message to info@localfoodconnect.org.au or ring 0416 203 067 today!

Other food activities/information

The UN has declared 2013 ‘International Year of Quinoa.’ Why? Why not! This fabulous ancient grain would have to be one of our most popular products and a fast growing staple in pantries around the world! The UN wanted to recognise the holistic benefits quinoa agriculture has provided.

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