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Tell us about local people who give away coffee husks, food scraps, manure or wood shavings

The fundamental idea behind both this newsletter and our website is that we are trying to provide a one-stop shop of information about food happenings in North East Melbourne. Whilst we might arguably have achieved this re the calendar of events, we certainly haven’t with respect to local resources. Over the coming weeks, with your help, I would like to rectify this situation by making the lists of local resources more complete.


This week I want to focus on local people who give away coffee husks, food scraps, manure or wood shavings. There are ten organisations on the current list. So, it really would be appreciated if you could email me with the details of anyone else that you know who gives away any of:

  • Coffee husks.
  • Food scraps.
  • Manure.
  • Wood shavings.
  • Other related.

Shout-outs to everyone who replies.

2 local breweries in the Weekly Review’s top 10 Melbourne pubs and breweries

3 Ravens from Thornbury and The Public Brewery from Croydon.

The Common’s latest Facebook post

Is about rice.

Our Canadian correspondent reports in

Carol Woolcock writes in from Nova Scotia: “I just wanted to tell you all about the fantastic waste management system here. It is the law that everyone sorts their garbage and places it in the correct bins. Random inspections are made and people are fined for incorrect sorting. Interestingly, every household is provided with a bench bin for food scraps and a larger outside bin to empty this in to. When collected, the food scraps are turned into compost and residents can pick this up free. There is also a recycle bin (with clear instructions of what materials can be recycled) and another bin for non recyclable/non compostable garbage. There does not seem to be a bin for garden waste.

New events

Winter wellness

What: Libby Shaw, Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist, will discuss using food as medicine and tips to help keep you and your family well over winter. Places are limited to 8, so contact Libby directly to secure your space.
When: Saturday, 30th July, 3.30-4.30pm.
Where: Hurstbridge.
Cost: free.
Enquiries/Bookings: Libby Shaw by phone (0407 338647) or email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Introduction to horticulture – 9 session course

What: This 9-week hands-on course will introduce you to a range of topics in the field of horticulture. The course runs at Edendale in Eltham, and places in the course are government-subsidised, so it is a great starting point for people thinking about turning their passion into a career in horticulture, or simply for home food growers who want to learn more – only $130 for a 9-session course! No prior experience is necessary. The course will be run by Justin Calverley, a horticultural expert with over twenty years’ experience. Inter alia, Justin is a lead trainer in adult education at CERES, where he has presented workshops on topics ranging from fruit and vegetable production to bush foods, and from garden design to sustainable gardening.
When: Saturday, 30th July to Saturday, 24th September, 9.30am-3pm. (There will be another course from Monday, 5th September to Monday, 28th November, 9.30am-3pm.)
Where: Edendale.
Cost: $130 for all 9 sessions ($73 concession).
Enquiries/Bookings: Living & Learning Nillumbik’s website.
Further information: Living & Learning Nillumbik’s website.

Swipers Gully Restaurant guest chef Stephen Mercer

What: Swipers Gully Restaurant welcomes back the annual guest chef Stephen Mercer, of Mercer’s Restaurant, for an evening of delicious food matched to their Swipers Gully wines. Five courses! Bookings essential.
When: Thursday, 25th August, 6.30pm onwards.
Where: Kangaroo Ground.
Cost: $90.
Enquiries/Bookings: Swipers Gully Restaurant by phone (9437 2222).
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Moving feast

What: Celebrating cultural diversity in the Whittlesea community, your libraries will bring the flavours of the world to you with progressive cooking demonstrations and tastings.
When: Saturday, 17th September, 1.30-3pm.
Where: Mill Park.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Jack Chan by phone (9437 8189) or email.
Bookings: Yarra Plenty Library website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Summary of upcoming events

Over the next week
Over the next month

Click here for the complete calendar of upcoming events.

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