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99th Monkey
Peanut, almond and cocoa-nutty butters
Oakleigh (Monash)
Specific products include: organic peanut butter; conventional peanut butter; organic cacao and almond butter; organic almond butter; pesticide-free almond butter; pistachio and almond butter; organic cocoa-nutty butter; and almond bliss balls.

All 99th Monkey products are made by hand and they aim to be as sustainable and ethical as they can in their sourcing and production. They only use Australian nuts (including peanuts directly from Australia's only certified organic peanut farmers) and all natural ingredients. 99th Monkey nut butters are tasty and fun, while also being simple and natural.
A Local Baker St Andrews
Organic sourdough bread plus some cakes and savouries
Own shop - Thursday to Saturday
Ange's Fresh Fruit & Veg, Kinglake
Bridge 2 Eden, Hurstbridge
Kinglake Pub and Pantry
Mooroolbark Farmers' Market
Rosewood Cottage, Kinglake
The Roundabout Cafe, Warrandyte
St Andrews
A Little Baker St Andrews produces traditional handmade organic sourdough breads and a small range of handmade organic artisan cakes and savouries, all baked in a wood-fired oven. The process includes resting the dough for a minimum of 6 hours from mixing to baking, with this resting time giving the bread a unique flavour and texture. Local ingredients are used where possible, including: berries from Kinglake, honey from Hurstbridge, citrus fruits, mushrooms and olive oil.

Now a cafe as well as a bakery.
A&G Handmade Biscuits
Cranbourne North (Casey)
A&G's biscuits and cannoli are freshly made on a weekly basis. They sell more than 20 differently flavoured biscuits of all sizes.
Alberto’s Delicacies
Pestos, pasta, gnocchi, antipasto and pasta sauces
Eltham Farmers' Market
Yarra Glen Racecourse Market
Alberto's Delicacies use old family recipes and have been servicing small markets for around 12 years.
Apted’s Orchards
Apples and pears
Farm gate (both (864 Cottlesbridge-Strathewen Road, Arthurs Creek, 3099 and 1105 Whittlesea-Kinglake Road, Kinglake West, 3757).
Aumann Family Orchard, Warrandyte
Bolton Street Fruit Market, Eltham
Arthurs Creek
Available February to November. Apted's Orchards is a family owned company. It operates an orchard and grazing enterprise from Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West north east of Melbourne that has spanned 5 generations. The farm gate sales at 864 Cottlesbridge-Strathewen Road Arthurs Creek are proving very popular, with 2kg bags of apples straight from the bin - that is, unwaxed and unsorted. Farm gate sales also operate from 1105 Whittlesea-Kinglake Road, Kinglake West. Wholesale marketing is done through the associated Melbourne Pear Company which operates out of the Footscray Wholesale Market.
Arthurs Creek Garlic
Garlic (Italian Purple and Californian Late). Garlic & chilli fusions and olive oils.
King Lake Hotel, Kinglake
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Arthurs Creek
Arthurs Creek Garlic was established in 2010 as a cooperative venture for the purpose of growing quality Australian garlic and and producing premium garlic and chilli food products. Unlike some imported garlic, their garlic is not fumigated or bleached. Rather, it is nurtured through its growing period with tender loving care to ensure intense flavour and superb looking and tasting garlic.

Their food products come from the same inspiration. They include: garlic & chilli fusion; garlic fusion; garlic & chilli extra virgin olive oil; garlic extra virgin olive oil; eggplant magic with garlic & chilli; and eggplant magic with garlic. The fusion is an old family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. The garlic in all of their products is grown at their farm in Arthurs Creek. Because of their belief in using the finest ingredients, they only use Australian chilli and extra virgin olive oil in their products.

"Grown from the earth, inspired by our heat, loved by our hands, adored by your tastebuds."
Australian Harvest / Bio Grape
Certified Organic
Certified organic horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and BIO-GRAPE fruit pastes
Eltham Farmers' Market
Certified Organic, award-winning, handmade gourmet foods that not only taste great but are also good for you. Horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and a range of four Panforte di Australia (quince, sambucca, ginger, siena). BIO-GRAPE range of delicious fruit pastes to serve with cheese, red wine, and chilli sauce. They are a family business, with only family members working in the business, who have been hand making certified organic and functional foods for over 25 years under their AUSTRALIAN HARVEST ORGANICS and BIO-GRAPE Brands.
AVS Organic Foods
Vegan products: protein bites, biscuits, chocolate fudge, flavoured seeds and faux cheese
Coburg Night Market
Eastfield Organic Natural Food Market, Croydon South
Go Vita, Greensborough
Hurstbridge IGA X-press
Naturally On High, Thornbury
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Watsonia North
AVS Organic Foods (formally A Vegan Smiles) aims to create and provide tasty foods that are animal free. They are a strong advocate for animal welfare and the organisation was founded on a desire to educate non-vegans that foods can taste great (even better without animal products), coupled with the frustration of the limitation in purchasing vegan-friendly or dairy-free products when out with family and friends.
Backyard Honey
Honey, bees wax and apiary services
30Kerr65 Expresso Bar, Fitzroy
Acorn Nursery, Surrey Hills
Alimentari, Collingwood
Alimentari, Fitzroy
Balwyn Fruit Supply
Balwyn Heights Fruit Supply, Balwyn North
Blood Orange Foodstore, Hawthorn East
Boccaccio Cellars Food and Wine, Balwyn
Chatham Food Store, Surrey Hills
Classic Fruits, Canterbury
Coltivari Fruit and Vege Store, Camberwell
Coombe Yarra Valley Providore, Coldstream
Dineamic Health Food Store, Camberwell
Flowers of Canterbury, Canterbury
FoodWorks, Mont Albert
Glenferrie Gourmet Meats, Hawthorn
Hawthorn Common, Hawthorn
Honey Thief Bakery Cafe, Blackburn South
IGA Blackburn
IGA Blackburn North
Kew Organics
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Piedimonte’s Supermarket & Liquor, Fitzroy North; Pure Bread Bakery, Surrey Hills
Renaissance IGA, Hawthorn
Reunion Cafe Dining, Surrey Hills
Salzano Delicatessen, Balwyn North
Strawberry Point Fresh Food Market, Forest Hill
The Common Good: Ethical Grocer, Hawthorn
The Craft and Co, Collingwood
The Green at St Columbs, Hawthorn
The Organic Union Fruit and Vegetable Store, Surrey Hills
The Something Different Shop, Hawthorn
Toscano's Kew
Toscano’s Richmond
Wattle Park Green Grocer, Box Hill
Zimt Patisserie Café, Mont Albert
Surrey Hills
Backyard Honey's raw, local, multi-floral and varietal honey is hand-harvested, unheated, cold extracted and permeated with local pollens. It retains all the beneficial nutritional and medicinal properties often lost in pasteurised commercial honey. Each harvest's colour, smell and consistency may be a little different as the foraging of bees is neither within the apiarist's control nor inclination. Some harvests may crystallise, which simply means that the bees have gathered pollens more likely to turn the honey solid. If you prefer a liquid honey, gently warm the crystallised honey on a sunny windowsill or in a warm bowl of water, remembering that temperatures higher than 40°C will reduce the honey's therapeutic properties.

As backyard beekeepers, Peter and his wife Jane were often approached by people interested in keeping bees. As time passed, they realised that, while many people dreamed of having hives to harvest their own honey, they felt they did not have the time or apiary experience required. Inspired by this demand, Peter retired in 2012 to pursue his beekeeping passion and develop an innovative urban apiary service to provide local city dwellers with the skills and equipment necessary to host bee hives and obtain pure local honey from their own backyards. Hence, Backyard Honey.

The Backyard Honey ethos is simply to provide an effective and efficient service to ensure sustainable, healthy and mindful communities.

Backyard Honey beekeepers are qualified to provide apiary incursions to complement education programmes and have worked with many schools and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programmes. Their bee incursions are tailored to complement and/or extend the curriculum and include a fully enclosed perspex beehive, apiary equipment, bee suits, wax and propolis and pure, raw, unheated honey tastings. Backyard Honey incursions provide a catalyst for enquiry-based learning across the curriculum for both young and old. Phone them to discover more.
Barrow Boys Brewing Co.
A range of beers
Carwyn Cellars, Thornbury
Duncan's on Church, Richmond
Fairfield Cellars
Foodworks Preston
Harvest Wine and Liquor, Northcote
Hurstbridge Liquor
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Lower Plenty Cellars
McCoppins Abbotsford
McCoppins Fitzroy
Renaissance IGA, Hawthorn
Richmond Hill Cellars
Ritchies SUPA IGA Yarra Glen
Rosanna Fine Wines
Smith Street Cellars, Fitzroy
The Greensborough Hotel
The Twisted Vine, West Preston
Wine Republic, Fitzroy

Venues: Baden Powell Hotel, Collingwood; Bar Nonno, Northcote; Beach Burrito, Fitzroy; Beehive Hotel, Hawthorn; Blackcat, Fitzroy; Jimmy Grants Eastland, Ringwood; Jimmy Grants Fitzroy; Jimmy Grants Richmond; Lady Boy, Richmond; Northern Git, Thornbury; Slowbeer, Richmond; Stagger Lee's Cafe, Fitzroy; Stray Neighbour, Preston; The Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond; Tramway Hotel, Fitzroy North; Vegie Bar, Fitzroy.
Barrow Boys are gypsy brewers. This means that they don't have a brewery of their own, but create their beer in other brew houses around Melbourne. They work in breweries owned by people who share their passion for quality, flavour and consistency and they maintain full creative control over our beer. Their three main beers are: 'good times' (an ale), 'stormy lager' and 'pedlars pale'.
Bass Coast Farm
Grass-fed Black Angus beef
Glen Forbes (Bass Coast)
Bass Coast Farm is a family-owned farm which produces 100% pasture-fed Angus beef. They manage their Angus herd using low stress management principles. The cows are grazed on 150 acres of rich pasture around the hills of Glen Forbes and Woolamai on the Bass Coast. The beef is taken to a local abattoir in Warragul, and then sent to a butcher at Prom Country Meats, where it is vacuum-packed ready for market.

Meat Standards Australia have graded their Angus beef in the top 5% of graded beef in Australia. Angus cattle are noted for their marbled meat, making it juicy, tender and full of flavour.

Healthy soil is one of the most important factors in sustainable farming; it ensures that our cattle have vibrant pastures to live on and have the highest-quality feed to eat. Sustainable soil management means that they don’t need to add artificial fertilisers or chemicals to keep our land producing nutrient-dense food.
Bayswater North Food Swap
1st Saturday of the month, 10-11.30am
Bayswater North
Organised by Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap
Beenak Farm
Biodynamic kiwifruit (Heywood variety)
Eltham Farmers' Market
Hoddles Creek (Yarra Ranges)
Beenak Farm is a small farm in the Yarra Valley with five acres of kiwifruit. It is certified as Biodynamic by NASAA. Since converting to the Biodynamic method of management in 2002, they have been selling their fruit through wholesale markets and, increasingly through farmers' markets. They have been farming in this way for 35 years and are convinced that biodynamics is a sustainable way of growing food into the future. They like to tell their customers about kiwifruit and the way they are grown and regard farmers' markets as the best way of communicating with them.
Belleview Farm
Chicken, duck, goose and quail eggs
Farm gate - Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm.
Park Orchards
Located on a scenic hillside with a beautiful view, Belleview Farm is a small boutique farm selling free range eggs (chicken, duck, goose and quail). Their birds are raised and tendered to on the farm and Belleview Farm takes pride in their welfare. They ensure that the birds are fed a nutritious, vitamin-enriched diet including seeds, grains and canola. The farm is pesticide-free and chemical-free.
Bellfield Community Garden
The garden was incorporated in November 2014, and is entirely run by volunteer. The three main aims are:

1. To develop an open space community fruit and vegetable garden for individual community members and community groups who want to engage in, and learn about, sustainable gardening practices.

2. To provide a meeting place for individual community members and groups to develop a community gardening identity.

3. To promote the Bellfield Community Garden within the Bellfield neighbourhood, and across the Banyule council area and neighbouring council areas, and to form strong community partnerships to enhance and influence the success of the garden.
Benny’s Berries
Croydon Farmers' Market
Colonial Fruit Company, Forest Hill
Toscano's Kew
Benny's Berries are well known for their fresh strawberries. In addition, their jams include blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, mixed berry and spiced fig with pear and walnut. These jams are cooked in small batches ensuring minimal cooking times, enhancing the fullest flavours and colours. They are made from a traditional classic family recipe using all natural ingredients sourced from the Yarra Valley. The philosophy is to keep it simple (only 3 ingredients are used) and natural, the way our grandmas use to make it.
Blake + Fables
Cakes and pies - ordered online and delivered
Eltham Twilight Market
Heide Makers' Market, Bulleen
The Makers and Shakers Market, Coburg
Lower Templestowe
Blake + Fables is an online cake, pie + treat delivery service. Offering a selection of flavours each week, and free delivery to your door, they make it easy for you to enjoy cake every day or to brighten someone else’s day with one. Each one of their cakes or pies serves 10-12 people, which not only makes them perfect to share with your colleagues at work or to take to a dinner party, but also means they cost less than $5 per person. They source their ingredients from Victorian growers whenever possible.
Blossom’s Organics
Certified Organic ingredients
Spices, herb, seed blends, chai, dukkah and relish made from Certified Organic ingredients
Eastfield Organic Natural Food Market, Croydon South
Go Vita, Doncaster
Harvest Food Store, Fairfield
Health Food Thyme, Croydon
Jefferies Family Supermarket, Croydon
Kew Organics
Superfruit Organic, Ivanhoe
Village Greens, Yarra Junction
Yering Station Produce Store/Winery, Yarra Glen
Internationally inspired gourmet blends made with Certified Organic ingredients, including curries, dukkah, relish and chai. No added colours, flavours, preservatives, GMO free, gluten-free, vegan friendly.
Blue Bay Cheese
Dairy products, including soft and hard cheeses, yoghurts and kefir
Heathmont Farmers' Market
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Mornington (Mornington Peninsula)
Cheeses and yoghurts are made by hand following traditional family recipes, which have been continually improved over the years. No chemicals, no preservatives, non-animal rennet are used, and the cheeses are suitable for vegetarians. Cow's milk produce: natural yoghurts and kefirs/probiotics, quark-soft cheese, bries and blues, hard cheeses/vintages - cheddar (tasty), romano, gruyere, tasty gouda, fettas. Goat's milk produce: kefir, chevre, marinated fetta, haloumy, tasty cheese (caprino), chevre with dill.
Blue Pear Pantry
A range of healthy ready made meals delivered to your
Aumann Family Orchard, Warrandyte
FoodWorks Research
Panton Hill General Store
Quintons SUPA IGA, Warrandyte
Renaissance IGA, Hawthorn
Templestowe SUPA IGA
Webb's Butchery, Research
Weidlich Food Store, Eltham North
Yarra Valley Poultry, Eltham
North Warrandyte
Ready to go meals. All meals are made fresh, made from scratch, and then frozen for your convenience. Order by phone or online (www.bluepearpantry.com.au/#!order-online/c1m9i). Free delivery within a 5km radius of North Warrandyte. Delivery possible outside this area but at a fee. Pick up also available. Check their website (www.bluepearpantry.com.au/#!menu/ckwa) for the current menu.

At Blue Pear Pantry, they aspire to provide healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals as an alternative takeaway of lifestyle choice. Their meals are tonight, tomorrow and next Wednesday after netball. Have them in the freezer for the unexpected 'running late night'.

They use local suppliers from Research and Warrandyte for all their fresh ingredients so, when you purchase one of their meals, you are also supporting the local community.

They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the same meal whatever their allergies or intolerances. It is for this reason that they can swap or omit specific ingredients on request such that all the family can enjoy the same, no fuss meal. Eating as a family is a favourite past time; it should be enjoyed by every family and made as convenient as possible.
Boatshed Cheese
Goat, cow, sheep and buffalo milk cheeses
Boccaccio Cellars, Balwyn
Rose St Pantry, Fitzroy
Stir Crazy, Hawthorn
Two Tall Chefs, Fitzroy
Mount Martha (Mornington Peninsula)
BoatShed Cheese are makers of artisan cheese from cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk using traditional French methods. They never use animal rennet so vegetarians can be assured that their product is suitable for them.
Bolton Street Deli & Liquor
, ,
Arthurs Creek Garlic
Kellybrook Winery
Marisa's Kitchen
Vincent Testa's Honey
Yarra Valley Tea Company
Bolton Street Deli & Liquor provides a full range of groceries, from condiments and bread, through beverages and honey, to chocolate and wine. They also sell a wide range of cheeses, meats, dips and homemade produce in their deli section. Gluten-free and organic products are available.

They are THE major stockist of local food products in North East Melbourne, with products from around 20 local producers.

They also serve coffee, breakfast, snacks and lunch from 7am daily (8am on Sundays). Some examples of food options include soup, pasta dishes and moussaka.
Bomba Wood Fired Pizza
Vegan and vegetarian pizzas
Everything made from scratch, Bomba Wood Fired Pizza offers a mobile food catering experience selling gourmet vegan and vegetarian friendly wood fired pizza at events and functions around Melbourne. Fully equipped with a mobile wood fired pizza oven, 4x4 Kombi van and collection of antique & rustic decor, they offer a classy, fun, delicious and unique catering experience for your special event.

Their ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and organic where possible. For example, at markets, they source their veggies from other stallholders. They use 100% dairy free mozzarella style vegan cheese.

They are also available for catering at private events, birthday catering, party catering, wedding catering, corporate events, family fun days, sports events, expos, car shows, charity fundraisers, cultural events & more!
Box Hill South Urban Harvest
3rd Saturday of the month, 11am-12.30pm
Box Hill South
Organised by Whitehorse Urban Harvest
Bulleen Art & Garden
Backyard Honey
Bulleen Art & Garden (BAAG) is a nursery which specialises in edible, indigenous and low water use plants. As such, it has a large range of herbs, fruit trees and veggie seedlings. All of its seedlings are either Certified Organic or grown using Low Environmental Impact Practices.

BAAG hosts a monthly veggie swap on the 3rd Saturday of the month. It also runs regular sustainable living and gardening classes.

BAAG's landscape supplies yard specialises in soil mixes and mulches. It also has an art gallery, called the Bolin Bolin gallery.

BAAG is located along side the Yarra River. It is committed to helping to improve the local parks and has been actively revegetating the site in collaboration with Parks Victoria and the Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks for many years.
Buttermans Track
Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Sangiovese
St Andrews
The Queenstown Vineyard has only just selling its Buttermans Track wine, having previously sold their grapes to other local winemakers. They use a wild yeast (rather than sangioyeast), and thus have a natural fermentation.
Caffe Strada
Gluten-free breads, cakes and pastries
Own shop
Bitter Sweet Cafe, Ivanhoe East
Jefferies Family Supermarket, Croydon
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Max's Burger Bar, Montmorency
The Burger Lounge, Eltham
Were Street Foodstore, Montmorency
As well as being a gluten-free bakery, Caffe Strada is a cafe which focuses on producing healthy, flavoursome gluten-free food. The cafe is a 100% gluten-free environment and they bake all of their products. Their homemade sausage rolls are fructose-free.
Carlton Farmers’ Market
1st Saturday of the month, 8am-1pm
Benny's Berries
Kinglake Vegetables
Kookaberry Strawberry Farm
Old Evropa
Stir Crazy